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I can no longer manage my investments

Many of our clients were do-it-yourself investors managing their own investments before joining Linde Equity.  These clients approached us either because they no longer had the time to manage their own portfolio properly; they decided their results were not good enough to justify self-management; or they simply started losing the facilities to manage their own investments successfully.  But in all cases, these investors continue to share a common trait:  a keen interest in stocks.

For do-it-yourself investors interested in stocks, but who can no longer manage their own investments, Linde Equity is an ideal firm to retain for a simple reason.  Linde Equity’s founder, Teal Linde, is a do-it-yourself investor turned pro, as detailed in our history.  He understands the interests, concerns, and fulfillment of the do-it-yourself investor.  Moreover, Linde Equity’s culture and communication with clients speaks largely in the language of the do-it-yourself investor.

We enjoy serving clients who have had experience managing their own portfolios.  It allows us to communicate at a more in-depth level whether through written reports or quarterly portfolio reviews over the phone.  We would be pleased to discuss how we can service your portfolio while satisfying your ongoing interest in stocks.

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