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I recently sold my business

At Linde Equity, we are essentially in the business of investing in businesses.  In evaluating different businesses, we consider business models, market opportunities, return on investment, capital structures, profit margins, customer concentration, industry trends, competition, management and more.  Among all the types of clients we serve, clients with a background in business ownership tend to have the quickest grasp of these concepts.

If you have recently sold your business, we would welcome an opportunity to present our services to you.  We believe your understanding of business could make you an ideal candidate for our investment approach.  With your experience, you are more likely to appreciate the advantages of a superior business model.  You will possess more patience as an investor, knowing first hand that companies generate significant shareholder value over years and not weeks or month.  And you will be able to better appreciate the companies we identify with vast market potential.  Your enhanced judgement is a result of having operated and owned a business.

At Linde Equity, we work well with current and former business owners. Our investment philosophies are naturally aligned.  Your understanding of business dove tails with our investment approach.  We would be pleased to discuss our services with you in more detail.

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