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Complimentary RRSP Portfolio Review

Minimum $250,000 RRSP value per household to qualify.

Linde Equity is currently offering a complimentary RRSP portfolio review to help answer questions you may have about your investments as follows:

  • What is the quality and outlook of my investments?
  • What changes might I consider to improve my returns?
  • Do I own the most appropriate investments to meet my financial goals?
  • Which stocks and industries should I be investing in today?

You can receive your review from a firm with a track record recognized over the last two decades:

“The best returns in the last 10 years.”

“The adviser with the best record over the past 5 years”

“North America’s top rated newsletter”

Why we offer this complimentary service

Many investors underestimate the amount of risk in their portfolios and how easily they can improve their returns by making some modest changes. After receiving a portfolio review from Linde Equity, some investors may decide to retain our service. Others will take corrective measures on their own, but they may tell their friends of their new ideas who in turn might seek the services of Linde Equity.

To receive your portfolio review by phone, please complete the following:

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  • Investment Profile

  • RRSP Holdings

    Please submit your recent RRSP statement detailing your holdings.