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Investment Counsel

My advice to investors is to seek out some trusted investment counsellor. The emergence of this new profession of disinterested investment analysts, who have no allegiances and whose job is to judge a security on its merits, is one of the most constructive and healthy developments of the last century.

– Bernard Baruch

As an Investment Counsel client, you will receive our top investment recommendations for your portfolio which will be held in a separately managed account.  By enjoying a separately managed account, you may participate in the decision making in managing your portfolio, including tailoring the portfolio to your needs, and participating in buy and sell decisions if you wish.   You will also receive quarterly reviews to discuss your individual account, your existing holdings, and new investment ideas. As an Investment Counsel client, you maintain control over your account while benefiting from the research and advice of Linde Equity.

Minimum Account Size:

Investment Counsel:  $10 million per household.
If you require a lower minimum, please consider the Linde Equity Fund.

Types of Accounts:

Cash, Margin, RRSP, RRIF, Corporate and Trust.

What are Investment Counsellors?

Investment Counsellors are the most qualified category of investment advisors in the industry with professional accreditations that meet the highest academic and experience standards. Unlike most financial planners and brokers, who collect commissions for selling product or executing trades, Investment Counsellors are paid only for their advice. The counsellor’s remuneration only increases by growing your portfolio value, keeping your interest and theirs aligned. There is no conflict of interest.


National Bank of Canada, our custodian, is the leading provider of custody, clearing, execution and record keeping services for introducing brokerage and portfolio management firms in Canada (over $100 billion in assets, serving 400 firms, and over 500,000 end clients). Linde Equity never possesses client funds at any time, but merely has trading authority in an account that is entirely in your name with the custodian, which also provides trade slips, monthly statements and online account access.