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Linde Equity Report

#1 Performing Newsletter from 2005 to 2015 – Hulbert Financial Digest.

The Linde Equity Report is an investment newsletter that serves do-it-yourself investors.  In contrast to the more conservative Linde Equity Fund, the newsletter caters to investors with high volatility tolerance.   Featured stocks are often on the aggressive side.   As a result, the Linde Equity Report should be used as a source of ideas to supplement other ideas – hopefully more conservative ideas – that you receive from other sources.  The Linde Equity Report is essentially a tip sheet of intriguing stock ideas for do-it-yourself investors.

The Linde Equity Report features US listed stocks only, including foreign ADRs.  Canadian stocks are available to Investment Counsel and Linde Equity Fund clients.

Performance: May 3, 2000 to January 3, 2020

Number of stock recommendations:


Annualized average price gain:


Average share price gain:


 Average holding period:

11.9 months

All past picks are posted in each issue.

Caution: The Linde Equity Report would like to advise prospective subscribers that market conditions have become increasingly challenging since 2017. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

How is the Linde Equity Report different?

The quality of an investment idea is far more important than the quantity. Therefore, we focus on being extremely selective in our choices by limiting our recommendations to a single favourite stock each month. We believe our selectivity is a major contributor to our investment performance to date.
After a subscriber invests in a stock featured by a newsletter, the subscriber should be given regular updates on that stock. Hence, the Linde Equity Report provides monthly updates on all stocks featured until they are deemed sold.
The easiest way to judge the value of a newsletter is by its track record. The Linde Equity Report distinguishes itself by monitoring and publishing the investment performance of ALL previously recommended stocks. Furthermore, all past picks since May 2000 are posted in each issue.

Sample Issue

View a sample issue of the Linde Equity Report (PDF 207KB)